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than i would be in energies and utilities. so if you are overweight in energies and utilities, perhaps sell that. i think the best group next year is going to be financials and materials. > run with the banks. good to have you on the show. that is larry shover of sfg alternatives. > > thank you. legislation dramatically shrinking the power of unions has won approval in michigan. last night, governor rick snyder signed two bills into law that change michigan into a right-to- work state. thousands of protestors for and against the measure staged demonstrations inside and outside the capitol in lansing, michigan. despite shouts from pro-union workers, the gop-led house okayed 2 bills that essentially stop public and private sector workers from being forced to pay union dues, with exceptions for police and fire fighters. some people consider it a form of "union busting." "we're going to challenge it in court. it's discriminatory. it's anti-worker. we hope to put it on the ballot. we're going to get petitions. all of labor is united on this." michigan, home of the uaw and the big three aut
at financials and materials over energy and utilities, simply because the tailwind in the housing recovery that we are going to continue to see in 2013 will directly benefit both financials and materials. we have already seen a big run-up in energy and utilities. they have probably seen the better part of earnings over the last couple of years. > were you impressed by toll bros. earnings yesterday? > > i really was. i think it's just more that's going to continue. i think we as a nation, we as investors, underestimate the tailwind that the housing recovery is going to supply, and toll brothers is the prime example. > larry, thanks for coming on the show. have a good day. the largest shipping port in the nation that has been shut down by a strike for days could be closer to re-opening. union workers and ship-owners are meeting with a federal mediator. the walkout by 800 office clerical workers started november 27th against shipping lines and terminal owners. the office workers have been without a contract since june of 2010. they were joined on the picket lines in l.a. and long beach by doc
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and save energy. already, museums, churches and the eiffel tower go dark for the night. not everyone is saying "oui." some are concerned the plan will be a turn-off for tourists. however, the french government hopes the ban extends nationwide. now that there's a baby on the way for the duke and duchess of cambridge, entrepreneurs are popping up with money-making ideas. similar to what happened in the days leading up to royal wedding, the expected bundle of joy is causing a stir in the financial world, including wagers on baby names and whether multiple babies will be born. "i think any time you get a royal, even of this magnitude, the first thing that business owners will think about is how can i make money, and there will be ways, from different types of cups to ornaments." that was our royal-watcher fred wientraub, who also expects a "bump up" in tourism once the baby arrives. congratulations to the parents-to-be. still to come, why it was a november to remember at the box office, and what that will mean for december. later in movies and money. but first, how smartphones are taking
creates enough energy for half an hour of light whenever it's needed. it has no batteries to run out, replace or dispose of. >> not only provides light but it can also charge other devices such as batteries or other items. >> that is brilliant. >> yeah. >> that is really innovative. i love that idea. >> this is actually an indigo go project and they're trying to raise funds. their goal is $5,000 and right now, they're not quite halfway there. >> so does that mean that money is going to go to building these and then they're going to sell them or are they going to allocate any for free to the communities in africa? >> tool, manufacture and trial, 1,000 units which were gifts to villages in the developing world. we're gaining valuable insights into how they use them on a daily basis. >> this will help us refine our design with production volume we can get price down, efficiency up. >> a donation of yours can change the life of someone on the other side of the globe. >> if you woke up this morning and wondered i would like to know what red neck aerobics looks like -- >> i can show you. >
great men. ♪ ♪ >> he's got it, look he's got energy at 100 to put on this performance for everybody who cares about him. >> he loves playing the harmonica so much he joined a traveling band that went around to nursing homes and played for all the folks who were there. >> what? this guy is the man. >> woo! [ cheers and applause ] >> just because it's an ugly sweater christmas party. doesn't mean you have to be ugly. i have a video to help you balance thingly swe ll lly thinr sweater with other cute items. nicky is showing us three different looks with ugly sweater. >> for my first look i decided to pair my ugly christmas sweater with some sleek black leggings. >> she rolls up the cuffs to hide the ugly green trim and then it looks cute still an ugly sweater. she accessorized it with some cute boots. >> look number one, done. >> doesn't it defeat the purpose of wearing an ugly sweater. >> still an ugly sweater. >> this is my second ugly christmas sweater. >> this is one of those embroidered ugly christmas sweaters that's longer. >> all she did was wear some boots and tights and she belted
for energy fish cease projects at schools across the state. that funding would come from proposition 39 which voters approved in november to close tax loopholes for out of state companies. the money would be used to update lighting and ventilation systems at schools in the state's poorest neighborhoods. >>> today the city of santa clara is going grown with with a new solar power araimplet silicon valley power flipped the switch today to 1,000 donated solar panels on what used to be a vacant lot between jenny strand park and i-280. in return solar company mia soleil will be able to use the location for its own research. >> this is our first system on one and half acres. we have seven acres, room for expansion. we're really excited about the future. >> city says the panels will generate enough electricity to power more than two dozen homes and keep up to 72 metric tons of caron dioxide from entering the atmosphere. >>> we're talking some showers right now. heaviest rain is in the north bay, light showers headed your way in the next couple of hours. you can see most of the activity is north of u
with this type of energy. >> volunteers take her out as much as possible. >> good girl. >> but now managers of this shelter and five others in santa clara county hope a new offer will convince someone to take dogs like kona home for good. >> we're putting all of our adult animals on sale for $12. >> until the end of december that's more than $100 off for dogs and 75 off for cats. the sales pitch has already worked on miguel rivera and his pregnant wife wen di ready to add a baby and a dog to their family. >> trying to take one home. a little special right there, any dog for $12 so make a dog happy today. >> at this shelter committed to not youth niezing a single animal it's exactly what they want for the holidays. >> and, you know, we asked managers today why they seemed to see such a jump in dogs dropped off here this time of year. they say often people just can't afford to keep their pets. we're live in san jose, eric, ktvu channel 2 news. more de tails now on the adoption program. these are the six shelters that are taking part and together their fwoel is to adopt out 1200 pets this mont
put all of his time and energy into restoring this world war ii tugboat, the eugene h. the elderly mattingly stayed late last night to work on it. >> last night, for some reason, he didn't want to leave yet. >> reporter: that was around 5:30 p.m. this morning, mattingly'sson found the doors to the tugboat open, and the coffee pot cold. two things his father wouldn't have done. >> he's definitely determine. in an abundance of caution, we're trying to utilize all the resources we have available to us. >> reporter: friends and family have already prepared themselves for the worst. >> it's going to be rough around here. coming down here, and he's not here, is going to be a real change. >> reporter: these are the filled containters the elderly man lifted onto his truck. the son found his medicine from yesterday. it appears his father did not take it. vallejo police will reassess tomorrow morning whether or not to search the water again. >>> gang violence strikes near a popular holiday destination in the south bay. the family celebrated the holiday, a teen was stabbed. >> reporter: chris
and that could affect other investors who are worried about the clean energy business. >>> they will consider scrap metal thefts and they will create stricter standards by requiring them to renew their permits more often. they hope to discourage scrap buyers but critics say it unfairly targets those in the county instead of going after the thieves. >>> the sonoma marin rail district asked for money to buy additional cars. that will allow them to run passenger trains at half hour intervals. >> sal is back. what is the latest on this cliff rescue? >>> we found out one person was seriously injured when the driver of an suv went over the side and we are trying to get that car out and we do have a tow truck with a long table trying to get this car off the cliff. chp is there, this is on 35 skyline on john daily boulevard and a good alternate would be to use a different way to get through. you can use lake merced and just stay away from this area even though they are letting some cars go through, they will temporarily close it when they get the suv off the side and we have one person at the hospita
i wanted to create that kind of character and that kind of energy and that kind of sexiness. >> the book reflects who you are. the book is sex, politics, relationships, that's you. >> yeah. that's what it does. in order to write well, let me say this to anybody who's serious about writing -- you have to expose yourself. that's why people don't write well, they're hiding behind the character. i put my character and the personality up front. this all started believe it or not, the book business started with my inspiration from terry mcmillan. >> wow. >> shout out to terry mcmillan, you're my inspiration for writing more than anyone else was. one of the things that everybody knows you talk about is relationship. how did you get so invested in the male and female relationships? >> you think how can you have a conversation without talking about relationships. i said this yesterday, if you're being cheated on, cheating is cheating. dl is dl. we talk about it, everybody is up in arms. what's the problem? get a picture. it's serious for the man who got cheated on. >> that's true. >>
months now collecting detailed measure manies of high energy particles and radio waves. eight years after it landed on mars, nasa's rover opportunity is still making discoveries. scientists announceed today at the american geophysical union meeting in san francisco that the rover has uncovered hints of clay mirals. they're important because they hold clues about the martian climate and should help scientists figure out if surface conditions could've been favorable for life. >>> the use of drones in war zones has stirred global debate. now an east bay law enforcement agency is drawing fire for its plan to launch a drone in their community. >> we should not be rushing headlong into buying a drone before the safeguards are in place, before the county has decided it should get a drone. >> american civil liberties union spoke out against the drone plan today just before the alameda county board of supervisors took up the issue. the sheriff hopes to buy an unmanned aerial system or drone using a state grant. it has hd video and infrared capabilities. the sheriff says it would be used ford sent
of energy. >> reporter: volunteers take her out as much as possible. >> good girl. >> reporter: but now managers of this shelter and five others in santa clara county hope a new offer will convince someone to take dogs like her home for good. >> we're putting all of our adult animals on sale for $12. >> reporter: more than $100 off for dogs, and $75 off for cats. the sales pitch has worked on miguel rivera and his pregnant wife wendy. ready to add a baby and a dog to the family. >> a special there, any dog for $12. we just kind of made a dog happy today. >> reporter: at this shelter, it's exactly what they want for the holidays. this little guy is christopher. he's one of 500 animals they keep at this shelter alone. we asked why they see dogs dropped off or abandoned this time of year. often people just can't afford to take care of them. >> there are six shelters taking part in this special sale. their goal is to adopt out 1200 animals. >>> the annual christmas tree lighting took lace this even at the state capital. as part of the state's tradition, many of the ornaments were madeby chi
. that's a long time for a dog of this size with this type of energy. >> to help families adopt a furry new friend, the shelters are dropping adoption fees. approved families can pick up a dog for a 9% discount and for a -- 90% discount for and for cats, a 7 a% discount -- 70% discount for a cat. >>> a police horse was bitten by a pit ball. the owner of the dog is appealing the petition that that dog should be put down. >>> the competition in the america's cup race is already starting. an italians are claiming that oracle broke protocol by planning someone in an inflatable boat and taking upclose pictures of the italian and new zealand yachts. an international jury is considering this protest. experts say the progressions are overblown. >>> 7:53. tara is here. >> there's a backup on the richmond bridge. we have some congestion. there is a large piece of metal in one of the lanes there. you can see it's a little bit hazy out there. it's difficult to see the traffic but the chp is on scene. they are trying to remove that piece of metal but there's some congestion westbound as you make you
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14